Upcoming Event – Game Con Canada 2024

June 14/15/16 at the Edmonton EXPO Centre

Featured Past Event – Game Con Canada 2023

Game Con Canada 2023 Livestream Produced by – Over 30,000 Attendees

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Livestreaming is not like traditional broadcasting

Traditional broadcasting is what you’re used to seeing on TV – an overview of the event. Livestreaming is engaging with the audience, bringing them into the event. A successful livestream production actively engages with the online viewers in the same way that vendors and hosts at the physical event interact with attendees. not only provides professional-quality broadcasts and recordings, but has years of experience creating engaging livestreams that keep viewers entertained, and more importantly, keeps them engaged with the event on social media. That is what makes it an “Active” production.

A dead chat is a dead livestream

Chat is key in a livestream. If viewers come into a livestream that has an active chat, they are much more likely to stay and interact. provides experienced chat moderators for your event who not only set and enforce rules in chat to ensure an enjoyable experience for all, but also are extremely skilled at keeping the conversation going in chat by commenting on the show, asking viewers for their opinions on what is happening on screen, creating engaging polls, and more.

Engagement built right into the show

Not only do our moderators work to keep the livestream audience engaged, but each show for each event is built from the ground up to support audience interaction.

The Active Livestream Production for Game Con Canada 2023 included hidden easter eggs in the stream that gave clues on how to win prizes at the event, and mounted a PTZ (robotic) camera to the top of the main stage which Twitch chat could control to give the audience the opportunity to look around the entire venue themselves from anywhere in the world

The livestream production has to be engaging, always

While attendees at the physical event enjoy a break between main stage events to visit vendors, get a snack, etc., downtime on the livestream leads to viewers leaving.

To counter this, provides a dedicated livestream host who engages with the livestream audience while there is downtime at the venue. The livestream host works closely with the event organizers to ensure that the content of the livestream during hosted segments perfectly meshes with and properly represents the event

Why does this level of engagement matter?

There are multiple reasons why livestream engagement matters to the overall event. The 2 most important are:

  • Organizations are more likely to sponsor an event if they know there is a livestream with an engaged audience, and especially so if the livestream team is willing to work with sponsors to add engaging content around their brand. Elgato and PTZ Optics became sponsors of the Game Con Canada 2023 livestream because of the livestream engagement built around their brands
  • Viewers on social media platforms share content they enjoy engaging with. This translates to advertising for the event both for the current event and future events

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